Take what you need, not just what you want..

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Do you know your skin type?


And do you know if the products you are using are good for it? We all have unique mannerisms and characteristics that make us.. Well, us! Why should your skin be any different? That’s right, your skin type and needs are different from the person right next to you, so how could there be a one size fits all product for everyone? 

The idea for this particular blog is to take what you need, not everything you want. But how can you know what it is your skin needs if you don’t know what type it is in the first place? Broadly, there are 5 generic skin types – Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination and Sensitive. It can be tough to determine what exactly your skin type might be, and below are some of the common characteristics of each type -

Skin types chart

Consider, the very basics, while bathing your pores are the most open and vulnerable- If you have dry skin, and you’re using an activated charcoal soap – known for pulling out oil, dirt and grime from your pores, resulting in drier skin.

Or another scenario, where you have oily skin, and you use a butter on your face for moisturizing, the result is going to be clogged pores and breakouts, and we all dread those, don’t we? The solution has always been simple, dry skin would do well to use a goat milk or shea butter based soap, while a lightweight butter in water based lotion would work wonders for oily skin!

The answer lies in simply knowing what your skin is like and what would suit it.

Take this quiz if you still want to determine your skin type, your skin will thank you for it. Once you know your skin, then you can determine what it needs – Hydration, Nourishment, Exfoliation! And then come the right products! 

Products available in the market, in stores, marketed by global multinational companies are standardised, uniform, and made for the mass public with no room for customisation. Additionally, to ensure longer shelf life, they are also doused with preservatives and additives. When there is an alternative, why subject your skin to anything but healthy-ageing? Try handmade, try custom made solutions, try asserting your choice, you’ll never regret it.

To find out what your skin type is, fill up this questionnaire, after which we send you a customized brief on your skin type as well as a miniature soap sample to try what the good life can be life