You just aged 3X by the time you had your morning coffee!


Each morning, while you shower, your skin ages without you even realising, especially when it’s a hot shower. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and reflects the health of your skin. The care you bestow on your skin makes a visible difference in your overall perceived age!

Think about it, isn’t there a difference in a baby’s skin and yours? And isn’t there also difference in the care?

Steam is frequently used during treatments and facials because it opens up your pores, and releases the build up caused due to environmental factors, dead skin cells, product residue. This is the same kind of stimulation your skin receives when in a hot shower. Now imagine each pore as a hungry baby, would you feed the baby boiled veggies and crispy appetisers? No! Because that is not what a baby requires for nutrition, similarly we all have different skin types and skin needs, during a hot shower, when your pores are most vulnerable, if you feed your skin the wrong kind of nutrition, the end result is going to be blackheads, whiteheads, acne, faster ageing, and an overall aged appearance.


There are 5 generic skin types - Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Sensitive, and they all have different needs. Here’s a quick guide to what is suitable for which skin type 👇🏻


Normal: Congratulations! Your skin passed the survival of the fittest test, your skin is adaptable to the environment and would do great with a Glycerine based soap (but the world is pretty much your oyster, so feast away)


Oily: Oily skin is by far the most prone to breakouts and skin problems, to battle this, your skin needs a Charcoal based soap to pull sweat, grime and dirt like a magnet.


Dry: Dry skin looks amazing with makeup, but feels terrible without care, your skin requires intense moisturisation and needs something on the lines of Goat Milk soaps.


Combination: Your skin is a winner, with the best of both worlds, but still requires precise care to stay on top, a Mélange soap with a charcoal base, goats milk layer and glycerine and aloe blends, so your skin is both moisturised and cleansed, while the aloe blends cool your skin.


Sensitive: Extremely prone to skin irritations and problems, Goat Milk soap is gentle enough for even babies! If your skin is a bit more on the oily side, Glycerine is gentle enough too.